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My current WIP is a collection of 7 “novelettes” (longer than a short story but shorter than a novella). They’re all historical and each story involves one or more characters overcoming something. I’m wondering if I should give a general blurb about the sweet feeling of victory or if I will give a few lines about each. For the back-cover copy, I intend to five a short blurb about each one. But the book description, I’m not so sure about.

My most recently published book on Amazon is a collection of 6 short stories called Stories of Hope. I did a short blurb about each one in the book description. This is what I wrote for the first three stories in the book:

<b>Left Holding the Bag</b>

A chance encounter changes Lucy Mae Logan’s life for what appears to be the worst.

<b>Nobody’s Child</b>

Orphan Sally Parker’s hard scrabble life on the streets of New York City is about to change in a most unexpected way.


A bully gets a wake-up call in a surprising twist.

Not that I’m unhappy with this, but I’m wonder about other ways to deal with a blurb for a collection of short stories.



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