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Hi, Cheryl, Dory and all!

My word count was way down this past week even though I put in a lot of hours. I’ve had a book called “WordPress to Go” for a couple of years now and have been putting off designing my own website because I was too scared to try it. On Tuesday, I made myself sit down and do it. By Friday, I had it looking the way I want it to look.

I haven’t figured out how to get a contact form on the website, though. I get the “plug in” part and am just not understanding what to do. I also wasn’t abot to figure out how to get a link to a mailing list on the site. I tried MailChimp and on the recommendation of another writer also tried MailerLite. I had no success with either one.  So, until I figure these things out, I created a Gmail account to use only for the website (so I won’t be mixing the emails from the site in with my personal emails) and posted it in the contact page of my site.

The only thing I don’t like about the WordPress template I used is that at the bottom if each page where it says that it’s powered by WordPress, there are social media icons that lead to WordPress. None of the other templates have those icons next to “Powered by WordPress.” But I’ve tried other templates and I don’t like them. I can’t get the banner photo on the top of the site the way I can with the template I used.

I even went online searching for how to remove those social media icons and it looks really heard even for the web design experts who posted on this subject. And I am in no way an expert. So, I’ll just have to leave them for the time being.

I hope to do some actual writing next week and get my word count up again. I’ve got the rough drafts finished for 5 of the 7 historical short stories I’m working on, am close to finishing the  6th one and have a lot of work to do on number 7. Maybe by the middle or end of this summer, I’ll be ready to publish.

What’s my take on creativity? Keep looking for ideas; they’re everywhere. Newspaper articles, photos, something someone says, maybe a photograph. And just sit down and write. Work on your writing every day. Like your quote says, creativity (and inspiration) doesn’t wait for the perfect moment. Just sit down and do it. Start typing.

Have a good week, everyone.



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