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Dory – Nice word count this week! It sounds like you had fun traveling to that auction, too. I love hearing about your new finds, so I hope things start (safely) opening up around you soon!

Jeanne – You are braver than I am, tackling a WordPress site. One of my friends took a workshop on setting up a website on WP and I think Merien did one here, so there are some out there. I went the Squarespace route because I needed everything laid out for me. I’m not so great at that sort of thing. And you know, some weeks are lower word count weeks out of necessity. Nothing wrong with that. You got a lot done!

Marina – I had signed up for the 20Books conference last year before everything. I’m hoping to go in 2022. Be sure to report back on the wonderful workshops! Ooo, I’m excited about your Kanban board. I actually cleared mine off completely this time around. Early, even. That’s not like me at all. haha I work in quarters, too. I’ll be setting up Q2 very soon.

Laura – I’m so glad you’re checking in. I’ll be doing some office organizing this week, so I feel you on that. Once it’s done, though, you’ll feel so much better. Woohoo on starting your chain early! April is going to be fun.

This week was an odd mix of relaxation and a mad dash to the finish line. I went Airstream camping for three days and then came home and did a readthrough of my entire MS before sending it off to my developmental editor. So glad to have that done. Once it’s back again, I’ll start the edits.

In the meantime, I’m getting a new office! My husband hired a painter to repair and paint the walls in my youngest daughter’s old room (teenagers destroy walls, in case you didn’t know that 😉 ) and I’m moving into it. Our cardio equipment will go into my old office in the hopes that I’ll actually visit it once in a while…

So the next two weeks will be a little different for me in terms of goals. Clean and pack up office, work on plotting my upcoming trilogy, set up Kanban board–take some time to rest before April and the Chain Event!

Have a great week 🙂



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