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Hi, Mona,

I’ve officially had with trying to get a contact form on my website. I spent several hours today and yesterday on it. I followed a video and was successful every time getting the form on my contact page. I set up a gmail account just for this and typed the address in the box just like the video instructed. The default is your email address of record on WP. But when I’d save it to my website and test it, I kept getting a failure notice in my email that’s in my WP account. So I set up the form again and used the code for the my admin account. This time I didn’t get a failure notice, but I never got an email notification, either. So, I just scrapped the whole thing and on my contact page put in the email address I want the contacts from the website to go to.

I really don’t want the emails from my site going into the email address I use for my writing (the one I’m using for WP) because I have other contacts in that email too. Besides, the message never went through. I wonder if I’m missing something, but I did exactly what the video instructed. The form looked great on my site and a verification message popped up thanking the user for contacting me. But, on the email end it didn’t work the way I expected.

Otherwise, I’m happy with the site and will just make do for now with the email address as my contact. I’m ready to spend my time on writing again. After spending a week on this, the novelty has worn off. But at least now, I have a website and I didn’t have to pay someone else to do it.



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