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Hi, Hank,

I’m researching vendors who do promotional items. I think I’ve found the company I’m going to go with. Where they really get you is with the shipping (I’m in Hawaii). But even with the shipping, I figure I could be spending a lot more on marketing. This company doesn’t charge a set-up fee on clearance items and depending on the price of the pen I chose, I might be able to do it for about a hundred dollars for 250 pens. I’ll have “Jeanne Moore Writes” on the first line and my website address on the second line.

I like receiving free pens (well, they’re not free, but I like getting pens I don’t have to pay for, so I figure other people will like getting a pen they don’t have to pay for. And this just may direct some traffic to my website.

You know, I never would have thought of this if it weren’t for this workshop.



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