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Hi, Cheryl, Dory and everone,

Wow, you’re busy, Dory and doing really well with your word count.

I haven’t been having trouble meeting my goal as far as time because I’m still working on my Website. I posted some resources for writers seeking to be traditionally published and resources for writers who want to self publish. I’m now working on resources for historical research for writer who write historical fiction.

I decided to use pens with “Jeanne Moore Writes” and my website on them as a promotional/marketing tool. Marketing can run into a lot of money, but it appears I can get 250 pens for about $100.00. Then I can hand them out to people. That will direct traffic to my website. I like getting free pens (well, they’re not free, but I like getting them at no cost to me), so I figure other people will like getting a pen, too. So, I’ve been researching companies that specialize in promotional items.

In between that, I finished the rough drafts for 6 of my 7 short historical stories. I may not pursue finishing the 7th for this collection; I’m having trouble deciding how to move it toward the end. Now comes the work of editing, but they’re going to sit there for a while while I focus on my website and ways to direct people to it.

Have a good week, everyone.



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