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Dory, sounds like you had a great week! Llama farm? I want to go, too! Llamas have the cutest faces.

Jeanne, maybe fine-tuning your website is your goal for the week. Goals don’t always have to be about words, right? 🙂 If you’re trying to direct traffic to your website, you might want to consider signing up for an Amazon affiliate account. If someone clicks on a product you put on your site, Amazon pays you a little for it. Just a thought. Your pen idea sounds interesting. I still use some from the first RWA conference I attended. Since I don’t have any plans to attend conferences in 2021, I don’t have any swag, but I’d definitely consider pens if I was. Oh, you might ask the RWA marketing forum if anyone knows an inexpensive place to order author swag.

Kathy, don’t worry about not meeting your word goal last week. Some weeks are simply like that. Just put all your energy toward hitting your goal this week. I know you can do it! Aww, thanks for reading my stories. 🥰 I wrote the books in order, but the one that just released was an editing challenge because it’s 30K words shorter than my others. My developmental editor was like, “Uh, you can’t pack a 110K book into an 80K format, Cheryl.” LOL

Marina, I love that you’re stepping outside your comfort zone with those bungee classes. Sounds fun! Oh, and you’re Kanbaning? Yes, I totally made up that word. 😆 Setting up my Kanban board is one of my favorite things to do. Mine’s going to be a smidgen late as a lot depends on the edits for my new book. <bites nails hoping dev edit isn’t too intense> We’ll definitely have to share our Q2 planning tools at the end of the next sprint.

Me: No major goals this week other than getting my office painted. I’m putting on the second coat today and hitting the baseboards. After that, I’ve got to scrub the floor and move everything in. I’m hoping to be moved in by Wednesday. Of course, anytime one room moves everything shifts in the rest of the house, so there are a whole bunch of other jobs to do. I’m going to focus my energy on all of that until April’s Chain Event begins.

Oh, and I hit my March reading goal of 6 books this month, so that’s good.

No Zoom sprints until April, since I need to focus on other things at the moment and also because I’ve been covered with paint and spackle since Friday. 😉

Wishing you all a great week!



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