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Zara West

Hi Zara,

I did a search and ran across a program called Hive Word. It has a Novel Organizer and a Novel Polisher, person name generator and location name generator. It has a free version and an upgrade. Have you heard of this or know anything about it?



I am not familiar with Hive, but I have seen other programs that are similar. These are Scrivener competitors, but designed more for plotting and writing your novel rather than as a way to store your story data. I previewed the similar, but more expensive ($40), Novel Writing Factory, awhile back. I personally found the program too restricting for me (and I am a planner not a pantser). It is mainly concerned with the structure of your novel. Novel Writing Factory did have a binder type system for storing info and a character profiler built in. Not sure if Hive has one. At any rate, these might be of interest to some of you to check out. Here’s a list of the ones I know.

Novel Writing Factory

New Novelist 

The Marshall Plan 



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