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Hi, Cheryl and everyone!

Well, two days this week, I barely made my goal of 3 hours a day. Other days, I went way over that, so it evened out.

My major accomplishment was with 4 contemporary short stories I’d finished and edited but put aside thinking I’d write some more contemporary short stories to go along with this collection about love lost and found again. Ideas for stories that fit into this theme were not forthcoming and so these stories just sat on my hard drive while I put together two collections of short historical stories, one which I published and copyrighted, the other I’m still working on.

Anyway, I decided to go over the 4 contemporary short stories again and did so earlier this week. Before I went over them, I logged into KDP, designed a cover the collection and saved it as a draft. With some tweaks, I determined the stories were ready to publish. I put them together in one manuscript, ran it through Kindle Create to format it as a Kindle/eBook and published it. Then I caught something in one of the stories I wanted to fix. I did that and then put the manuscript into the format that I use to submit it to the Copyright office and submitted it with my application to copyright it. Then I ran the corrected version through Kindle Create and uploaded it to KDP. By this evening the corrected upload was approved and it’s live on Amazon.

I just made my three hour goal today, but accomplished a lot. I’m getting better with Kindle Create and the KDP process. In fact, it was almost a breeze! And I am getting better with the copyright registration, too, although I find the online payment process with a credit card still nerve wracking. The copyright office’s YouTube tutorial kind of doesn’t spell out the payment part (it doesn’t show a screen shot of this). What happens is when you do the payment part, it takes you out of the copyright office’s website to another screen. When you’re finished and submit your payment, you are then taken back into the copyright office’s website. The tutorial shows and describes what to do in the screens before and after the payment screen, but not the payment screen. I still haven’t gotten used to that, even though I know that’s going to happen. And this was the 4th work I’ve copyrighted (one group of photographs and three manuscripts). Maybe some day, I’ll even get used to that. But right now, I still have to watch and listen to the tutorial. I watch each step, pause the video, do the step and then go on to the next step until I’ve finished.

I’d take a day off after doing this, but then I wouldn’t have anything to do. I don’t watch TV and hanging around the shopping center food court with my retired friends isn’t something I want to chance right now.

Well, that’s it for this past week.

For the upcoming week, my plan is to work on revising and editing the short stories for my upcoming book. Maybe I’ll think of a subject for a blog on my website.

The way I try to keep myself on track is that I make myself write at least 2 hours every morning before I go out. If I feel like I have to get out, I usually go to Walmart and Longs (CVS). Sometimes I don’t even buy anything; I just go to get out of the apartment.

I also keep track of my time in an Excel Spreadsheet so I know how much time I’ve spend on my writing each day (includes writing, editing taking workshops, publishing with KDP – anything related to writing. I even kept track of the time I spent learning how to build a website in WordPress.

Well that’s all, folks, for right now.



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