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Wow, Jeanne! You’re a publishing dynamo. Glad to see you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Last week I decided to change my goal to 6k words, and I blew it. Hubs got his second Covid shot on Wednesday, and I drove…just in case he had a reaction. That meant I spent time waiting in the parking lot instead of writing. But I’m fine with that.

I also forgot that our youngest daughter had scheduled a photographer to take photos of our family on Saturday. After the country-wide shutdown last year, she worried about who might not be with us later on and wanted pictures of us all together. My son and his two kids in Dallas didn’t come down for it because Sophie has asthma, and he didn’t want to chance triggering it. My stepdaughter and her husband came down from outside Dallas and stayed with us, so I had no quiet time.

After the photo shoot, everyone came to our house for a fish fry/BBQ (for those who didn’t eat fish). My MIL and SIL also came over, so we had a crowd. Hubs did most of the cooking since it was his bright idea to feed everyone. LOL

Anyway, I lost three days of writing last week, but I’m back at it again now.

Happy writing, y’all.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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