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Jeanne, that copyright website is a challenge. I’ve copyrighted the main books in my Sundance series and am getting ready to do the one I wrote with my daughter. It is not intuitive and I find myself opening my old forms and peeking to see how I listed things.

Mona, it sounds like you had a lovely visit with your family. And those photos are going to be so special to you all. Fish fry? Lucky you! I miss my uncle’s fish fries. Louisiana hot sauce on corn meal-breaded catfish. Mmm… 😉

I spent the week painting trim, putting together bookcases, cleaning, and moving stuff around. My new office is shaping up. We put our cardio equipment in my old office and I’ve been on the bike every day since we got it in there. I hate to admit it, but my husband was right. This move was a good idea. 😉

My first vaccination is tomorrow. They’re finally allowing the severe asthmatics to make appointments here. It will be nice not to feel so worried all the time. Obviously, I’ll still take precautions, but since my daughter is fully vaccinated, I can see her pretty face again and hug her. (after the 2nd dose)

I’m champing at the bit to get back to writing, but this was a good break. I played around with my new story, allowed my conscious mind to wander into some dusty, creative corners of my brain, and even figured out a huge plot hole in my story before my dev editor found it. I’ve already fixed it, too.

Looking forward to April and getting back into writing daily after this break.





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