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Great resource! Thanks, Jeanne. 🙂

My big issue is in my being consistent from one book to the next, which is why I open my old files and make sure I do the same thing every time. As in, where I use my LLC name and where I use my author name, which address I use, etc. It would be nice if that data could repopulate automatically, but frankly, I’d just be happy if the process wasn’t so blasted convoluted. Ah well, perhaps I should be grateful they’re online at all. Can you imagine sending that stuff via snail mail?



This is the video tutorial that I follow every time. I listen to each step, make the video pause. then do the step and to that all the way to the net. Like I wrote, the only place it’s not clear is when you make the payment, of all places. And right now, I can’t remember what I did; I only remember I kind of guessed and it got me to the right place. Other wise the video is pretty clear.

I just did a Google search and found this, which I’m going to save. It’s not a video. It’s a Power Point presentation and has screen shots and it shows what to do for the payment (credit card). I like this better than the video. The title calls it a single application, but the procudure’s the same as for the Standard Application.

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