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Hi, Cheryl and all,

Well, from April 1st through today although I made my goal of minimum 3 hours per day, I didn’t hit 4 hours or more any of those days. But I did some really interesting historical research, I’ve done the first-round editing on 4 out of 6 of my short historical stories, and the big thing (at least big for me) is that I found a contact from that works on my website. That was the final thing I wanted on my website to get it just the way I want it.

I started my journey learning how to build a WordPress wehsite on March 9th and had most of it up and running by March 12th. Then there was tweaking it and also trying to get a contact form on it.  The one I was trying to use was well known for not sending emails through; it needed to have the site host’s server modified. I tried following the directions (video tutorials on YouTube) and it still didn’t work, so I put that aside for a while. Then yesterday I decided to pursue it again and found a tutorial on YouTube on a different “plug in” than what I had tried before. So I activated it and installed it on my website and bingo, it worked like a charm.  All my test contact messages that I submitted went through to the email account that I had set up for this.

Now, I’ll give it a rest for awhile and then it’ll be time to think about a mailing list.

And after that? Besides writing? Maybe I’ll think about setting up a Limited Liability Company.

That’s all for now.



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