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Laura, I’m so glad the Chain Event is helping you! I find offering different types of writing drives helps me to encourage different types of writers. Some do better with SIAW and some do better with CE. And some, like me, love them all!

Kathy, congrats on that great word count this week! Sounds like you love a good challenge, too. Love the idea of the FinNoWriMo! What a great idea to finish the novel you started in November!

Jeanne, I love how determined you are. I don’t think I tell you enough how encouraging it is to watch you take something difficult and break it down until you understand it. You’re amazing at that! Building a website is no easy task and you’re making it happen.

Mona, sometimes you just have to roll with it. Work when you can and rest when you need to. Spring is usually tough on me, too. I love flowers, but it’s best if they do their blooming elsewhere. 😉

I spent last week finishing up my office redo and breaking my developmental edit into manageable tasks. So, LOTS of sticky notes. 🙂 I wrote a new prologue for my fifth book and I’m working my way through each chapter. Thankfully, the edits aren’t too intense, so I’ll have time to work through the two classes I’m taking this month and hopefully get to a new free story I’m putting together for everyone who supported my series.

This week I’m shooting for 2 chapters edited per day, though some days will likely be more and some less. 14 chapters a week is my overall goal. (In bold so I remember it. LOL)

Wishing you all a great week of writing!



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