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Hi, Cheryl,

Thank you for your kind words. Now that I’ve built my own website, I’m glad I did it – not only because I saved several hundred to several thousand dollars to have someone build and maintain it – but because I was able to make it look exactly the way I want it to look. This may sound egotistical, but I don’t know if someone else would have done as good a job designing something that’s exactly what I want. I am really happy with the way it looks and with the fact that I have total control over it.

Now that I’ve put all the pieces together, I’m really happy with what I have. Between being able to self-publish, design my own covers, do my own taxes and run my own website, it’s all mine. I really love this! If anyone messes up, I only have myself to blame and won’t be angry with someone else.

Now that everything’s in place, I’m ready to get out there and market. As soon as the COVID restrictions loosen I plan to find speaking engagements and book signings. A friend of mine who’s published 2 books and is working on a 3rd said book signings is where she made most of her sales.



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