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I didn’t learn anything major about my character, but I did notice some patterns. Beaches and water make her giddy — she kissed the guy she’s engaged to at the beginning of this book for the first time when he was skinny dipping (she was in her underwear). She apparently feels both exhilarated and comfortable in her own skin when she’s at the beach. (And sexy.)

She also likes to initiate kissing, etc. She initiated things with both her fiancée and the LI in this book, and I bet she got things moving with her college boyfriend too, though maybe not quite as directly. She would still be under the impression that guys have to make the first move back then. But she would have encouraged him — not subtly or especially patiently.

I wrote about her family and an accident that landed her dad in the hospital when she was 12, but I already knew most of what came up there. But it was interesting to write/explore and did probably helped solidify her uber-competent, proactive approach to dealing with problems and cement her bond to her dad, which was already pretty strong.

Great job, Emily! I love it when little details start to emerge as I’m doing the journaling exercise. Once you get into the flow of character’s voice sometimes things just let go and new information seeps in.


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