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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl,

Day 8 chain intact. I only wrote 425 words tonight. Long day and by the time I got the computer to cooperate I wanted to read instead of writing lol.

This is how my day went:

I was up at 7:30 this morning. I grabbed a shower, dressed, then headed to post. I attempted to renew my driver’s license, was told to make an appointment. 😛

I went over to the security center to get a pass to get on post. I told the man I lost my ID card and I had an appointment to get one. He took a card, stamped it, put my name on it. I handed it with my driver’s license (expired 02-19-2020-lol) to the gate guard, he looked at it and let me through.

I wandered in circles, asked some guys, where the ID card building was and they didn’t know. One guy did but was pointing behind me, I couldn’t hear him that good, I’m partially deaf. Finally I pulled into ACS (Army Community Service) and asked there. The lady says see that building over there with the black roof, well sort of, that’s where it’s at.

More circling, stop another soldier ask if it’s in the building with legal aide and stuff. No, the building in front of that building. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wandered around, found a place to park, after having to go one way and then turn around to come back.

I went inside. I got to the window, I told the person I had a 10:20 appointment I’ve been wandering lost. They took my driver’s license and Jim’s ID card (it was given to me when I got my new ID card after his death). She hands me a ticket and says they’ll call the last 3 numbers okay great. I grab a chair, reading on my book, and I hear a man say Camille Crouch. Yes, did you say Crouch and he said yes ma’am. He took all the info, printed me out a brand new “color” ID card. I was not expecting color lol. I was thinking this morning I don’t have any makeup, but it won’t matter anyway since the picture will be black & white. Oops.


Then I drove off post, went to another gate to get to the PX. I could have gone through post but it was faster to go out the main gate and go down to Clear Creek gate to get to the PX. I sat in the car for a bit, letting the active duty lunch crowd clear out. I went into the PX mall, around to the refill pharmacy. I explained about my prescription and the issue with no ID card until today. He searched for it and said it will be ready Monday. That’s great. At least I didn’t have to jump through hoops to get it back in the system.


After that I went to Arby’s in the Food Court. Bleh. I forgot they have those stupid spicy curly fries. The sandwich was okay, but not as good as I expected. I got a Diet Coke and ended up throwing it away. By the way this was the first Diet Coke since January. I guess I should have gotten a regular root beer. I did get and drink a large Jamocha shake no whipped topping. I had whipped topping on my Frappuccino from Starbucks on my way to post this morning-lol.
Tomorrow at 9:15 I have an appointment to get my first COVID vaccination.

Texas is warming up! We hit 89 or 90 today and expecting 94 for tomorrow. That’s Fahrenheit degrees for those that aren’t in the US. Summer is coming.

I have a question. Do any of you, not yet published, when writing a series see a better way to write other books in the series that you might have started and left to finish at another time? I see how to make the first book and the other two I have sort of done more cohesive and better. I think this might be a good thing.


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