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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl,

Here it is the first full week in April and we hit 90+ degrees today.

I gave up and came downstairs where it’s cooler to write. When you go upstairs it’s like a wall of heat smacks you in the face at the top of the stairs. Bleh.

I did write 665 words and created a very busy Tuesday for myself. First I go to post to get my COVID vaccination shot number 1. Then I am going to get my driver’s license renewed a year and a month and a week or so late (LOL).  Last I’m going to pick up medication refills. If it’s as hot next week as it was today, I will be hanging at Starbucks during the day.

The story seems to be toddling along. I had the hero and heroine share a kiss last week. He’s a prince, she’s a shepherd’s daughter who with her father and the little girl she rescued before she was kidnapped were brought to Scandinavia to become slaves. Instead, because she healed the prince, they were given land, a house, and their freedom. Needless to say when his mother heard of the kiss she and the king summoned him about it lol.

The queen and king have 2 sons and a new baby girl. The heroine, being a healer, helped bring the baby into the world saving the queen and the baby’s life.



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