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Kathy Crouch

Hey Cheryl,

The chain is stronger than ever. I wrote 1,920 words today.

According to the Camp NaNo site:

On average, you write 833 words per day! At this rate you’ll be done on May 30, 2021!

I checked and it says by the end of tomorrow I should have written 18,337 words by tomorrow which taking where I was on March 31 and adding that to it would mean writing 10k+ tomorrow. I did the math 10,007 words. I might have to take that challenge. I probably in a push have come close to writing 10k in words in one day.

I’ll let you know tomorrow night IF I make the 10k I’ll post my word count anyway but I’ll be spreading the news if I do that.

I know my brother-in-law is going to his daughter-in-law’s for lunch tomorrow. My nephew’s deployed to Poland. They have two kids and he has a daughter from his previous marriage. Funny thing is the younger two are minis. The daughter is a mini of her mom, the son is a mini of his dad. The older girl it’s hard to tell who she looks like.


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