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Doreen Jensen

Hello Cheryl and allĀ  my hardworking peeps

Hope my math is right–I wrote 3460 words, finished a Future learn on Classic detectives, and working on our Rwa class. We are under a “Stay at home order”–so only necessary trips. We had entered into an online auction before the order came so we had to go pick it up on Saturday. Hubby bought a satsuma vase–he loves satsuma. why is this one so special you ask? I’m sure I heard you. Well for one it’s at least a foot taller than I am, making it 6 feet tall. What a time we had wrangling that out of the car and into the house. The cats are in awe of it, and we are working to make it catproof.

I came home with 3 3-tired cake plates, 2 1937 coronation bibles, and 2 jewelry boxes. and no clue where to put anything. I like to put jewelry on the cake plates. for easy access. but I guess it will be the last auction for a while while we hunker down like hermits. Thank goodness it’s been sunny enough to sit outdoors, I look forward to being out and about the backyard and gardens soon.



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