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Hi, Cheryl and all,

I did make make my goal – did more than 3 hours a day, sometimes a lot more, sometimes only a little more.

During Week 13, I finally found a contact form that works on my WordPress website and sends messages through to the email account that I set up for that purpose. Not that anyone’s contacted me yet, but I know it works because I’ve tested it.

ThisĀ  past week (week 14), I watched several YouTube tutorials and put the CAPTCHA to my form/website. With the latest version, it works in the background and the person submitting the contact form doesn’t have to check “I am not a robot” or click the pictures of crosswalks (or whatever) or copy fuzzy numbers. They just click on submit.

Next, I attached Google Analytics to my website. I looked at several YouTube Tutorials and followed the one I thought was the best. It takes 24 to 48 hours for data so start showing up in you Google Analytics account. So far between August 8th and yesterday, August 10th, I’ve had 64 people visit my website. I think some of those visits were me.

I’m still learning how to navigate my Analytics and interpret the data.

On the writing front, I finished the first go-round finishing my rough draft of my 6 contemporary short stories that will be my next collection. Since I am a pantser, I did a reverse outline to see what I have for each story. I went scene by scene and did a description of each one. There are a lot of places where I need to fill in. I didn’t write sequentially and transition scenes are needed between some of the scenes.This collection is going to take some time before it’s finished. I’m feeling kind of at loose ends because I don’t have anything new to write and I need a break from this WIP before going into the second go-round.

In the meantime, I’ve added another blog to my website and updated the Resources for Writers section. And for the ebook that I recently published, I’m preparing the paperback manuscript for publication.

I think it’s time to take a break!



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