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Chain Event day TWELVE <checks calendar> holy cow, it’s really April 12th!

Check in and give us an update on your chain. How are you feeling about the challenge overall? Has it been helpful? Have you decided daily writing isn’t for you, but maybe you’re doing shorter, weeklong chains? Although the goal of the CE challenge is one long chain, sometimes that’s not YOUR goal. And that’s perfectly fine! After all, the overall goal is to find what works for us, right?

I’m setting up sprints for the week. Tuesdays have been well-attended and so have Sundays, so I’m keeping those days. My question is, which other day would you rather sprint on? Thurs/Friday/Saturday? Reply with your choice! (Include time & time zone)

And hey, thanks for all of your support. I truly believe this is the best group around. ❤️

Happy chaining!



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