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Dory, I love hearing about your auctions! Whoa, I bet that vase is beautiful. It sounds lovely. Nice wording this week, too! Love your consistency. 🙂

Jeanne, you are definitely due for a break. Breaks are vital. Maybe you can take the time to do some reading, fill up the creativity well. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much we need that.

Kathy, I’m sorry you couldn’t find an open cafe. We’re half-open here, but I won’t take off my mask anywhere until after I get my second shot, so for now, I’m having to get my coffee to go, too. Could you maybe grab some coffee and go sit at the park? Or write in the car? I have a friend who writes in her car while it’s parked in her driveway! haha She has little ones at home and needs the peace. Whatever works, right?

My week was spent taking a Strengths for Writers class, beta reading for my beta partner, and shouldering through my first act edits. I had to throttle back on my goal for the week since my concentration was focused elsewhere.

This week I’m starting a new class with the person who used to run this group when it was still the Procrastination Loop. 🙂 We’re working our way through The Artist’s Way book, something I have always wanted to do.

My main goal is to get through Act 2 of my edits.

Wishing you all joy and creativity. ☀️



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