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Debbie Hearn

The website idea is fascinating! Definitely going to think about how to use that one.

Aeon Timeline to capture and calculate dates for the series.  I haven’t figured out how to print anything useful from the program, but it’s great at keeping track of how old everyone is, when the baby will be born, etc.

Pinterest for storyboard ideas. I took the FTHRW class on Pinterest earlier this year and it was well worth the time.

Apple Notes (instead of Evernote) I’ve been using Notes to capture ideas and that has worked out well. I can expand to include master lists of names, setting info, etc.  and take advantage of the easy searching. I can also print and put in the binder at any time. Ultimately, I think Notes is where I will begin to create the story bible and store all important information. But, since I always have that nagging fear that a digital source will either become too expensive OR will go out of business, I’ll hang on to my binder as well.

3 ring binder to hold paper calendars, sketches of the location, master list printouts, printouts of any crucial Notes items as backup, and all other paper items …. because I love paper and pencil 🙂

The biggest takeaway for me is that I need to organize and do the “filing” regularly with the purpose of creating a searchable/useable record in mind.  I think I have all the necessary tools, but I haven’t been using them consistently or with the proper intention of creating the story bible.

Thank you so much for sharing so many wonderful ideas!


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