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Kathy Crouch

Today was busy. My focus for the story seems fleeting tonight. I’m hoping for more tomorrow. My chain is intact the wordage is less than I wanted is all.

I got lucky. I went ahead and parked across the street from the gym where they’re doing the shots. I didn’t even bother trying to find anything in the gym’s parking lot. I saw several on the way to the line. By the time I crossed the street, huffing and puffing and limping due to a bad back, and got in line this major came by and asked if I was okay and I said yes. She asked if I was on oxygen and I told her no. Then she saw my walk. She led me, holding onto my arm, to the front of the line to a chair. Then a guy came out with a wheelchair. He starts taking me to my car. I’m like wait! I haven’t gotten my shot yet. He asks oh do you want to get your shot today? Well duh that’s why I’m here. I told him yes, I had an appointment. He turns around and we go back to the entrance of the building. Then he speaks with the major and he works the chair around and into the sliding door. He got me the paperwork, then a clipboard, then rolled me to an open table for the interview where they went over the questions. Then a few minutes later they rolled me over to get my shot. Got the shot, easy peasy. Waited for 15 minutes, I sat there reading on my phone, then he rolled me out and all the way across the street to my car.

I got in drove to the PX refill pharmacy and picked up 2 medication refills. I hit the Starbucks there on the way out, sat down at a little table with chairs and ate my muffin and drank my Venti, Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. It hit the spot. I ran out of water upstairs in my room last night and since my brother-in-law had gone to bed, I didn’t want to hobble downstairs and get more. I put my morning meds in my hand when I came down this morning and as soon as I filled my cup, I took them.

Since I didn’t go to bed until after 3 am and I dragged out of bed at 9:30 to grab a shower and get dressed I didn’t eat before I rushed out the door. I came home ate a piece of German Chocolate cake, climbed the stairs, changed into shorts from jeans, put on another shirt after removing the bra, and crashed for a couple of hours.

Then the laptop I was using decided to act ugly so I grabbed my headset, my water and came downstairs to watch the Sisters In Crime Webinar Not Yet Published?: Set Your Manuscript Up for Success. It was interesting. The panelists were Mia Manansala, book coach Lourdes Venard, editor Rebecca Burton (Sachiko), cultural sensitivity Terri Bischoff, editor.


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