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Hi, Cheryl and all!

I just barely made my 3 hours today. I’m just real tired. After the push getting my website set up and playing around with it, I’ve gotten it the way I want it. Now, I’m feeling a let down because I don’t have that to focus on.

I’m working on editing my 6 short stories for the next collection. I’m jut not thinking up any new ideas, though. Not even anything to blog about. And I keep falling asleep on the book on marketing that I’m attempting to read.

I followed some tutorials and have had Google Analytics and Search Console on my website since April 9th. There’s much I don’t understand with respect to the data they present. But one think I do understand that’s really interesting to me is Analytics tells you where the people are from who look at your website. Most of them are spread out across the United States, one in Canada, three in England (I think that’s the 3 sisters I know who live there) and one person from Sofia City Province in Bulgaria! I have no idea how someone from Bulgaria found his or her way to my website.

Oh, another fun thing – on Friday afternoon, I received the swag pens I ordered. So far, I’ve handed out 3 pens to people I tended up talking with when I went out to Walmart and CVS.

Last week, I joined a zoom class on origami paper folding sponsored by the public library in Hawaii. I also joined a zoom tour of the Honolulu Zoo; that’s scheduled to take place on April 28th. And I signed up for an online event about a book that my friend’s father wrote. Maybe I need to sign up for some virtual activities. Otherwise, I’m pretty isolated. Well, that was my week.

Next week’s plan is to continue editing my short stories.

That’s all for right now. Take care and stay safe.




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