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Doreen Jensen

Good day, Peeps,

I managed 3505 words this week. with one FL class and 1 RWA class.

It’s been lovely mild weather here, but April is an unpredictable month in Ontario Canada, while mostly rainy we are scheduled for snow for the next few days.  This too is usual.  The Maple syrup festival can be winter coats and snow or so hot and sunny you don’t need a coat and can eat your pancakes while sitting on the ground. you never know what you’ll get. except for rain, that a given. But my daffodils and hyacinths are blooming and I’m wanting to start my seeds indoors for my veggie patch. No doubt, BunBun, and Thumper are waiting for me to plant, They show up in my yard and check in often. We have known for years that something has been living under our back porch as it had a small hole chewed through the lattice. wondering if we have a new tenant as the hole is quite large now and the lattice is broken from the inside out. It must be nocturnal as we have never seen it even with shining flashlights in there. Maybe a family of big fat raccoons but the hole is very large. bigger than a skunk would need–and I think the skunk lives under the front steps. I look forward to being able to sit out back on the patio soon.



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