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Jeanne: It sounds like you might need a break. You worked hard on your website. I have trouble resting when I need to, but when I start getting very sleepy when I’m working (even though I’ve had enough sleep) it’s usually a sign I need to take a break. ❤️ Good to see you’re also taking some virtual classes! That class on origami sounds fun. My artist daughter used to be really into it as a child. It was very calming.

Dory: Nice wording this week! I love your animal stories. I picture you living in an enchanted forest like a fairy tale princess. 😉 Also, that maple syrup festival sounds like the best thing EVER.

Kathy: You knocked it out of the park this week! That’s a healthy word count! And thanks for your appreciation posts over at the Chain Event. They always make me smile. 🙂

I got 10 chapters edited and cut one and half completely. Thank goodness, because this book was running a bit long. This week’s goal is to get as far as I can with edits. I intend to wrap up this stage of edits well before the end of the month, so I can start drafting a new series. 🙂

Wishing you all a great week of writing!



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