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Doreen Jensen

hello Peeps:

I had a total of 3155 this week, with 2 Futurelearn classes and our own FTH class. It was a lovely sunny weekend and hubby and I got our first vaccine and Saturday I had my birthday. We sent out for Chinese food. We are under “Stay -at -home”  orders.  But it was nice to be able to sit outside and see my spring flowers blooming. I have a lot to do in the garden this year as I want to rearrange the gardens. and have more raised veggie beds. the neighbor’s black walnuts have been the bane of our existence as far as the garden goes as its tannic acids till anything but the most shallow rooted of plants.  I will continue with my wildflowers esp those that attract bees and butterflies. and use the raised beds for veggies.  I think we are hoping to paint the inside of the house this vacation– fingers crossed. I am looking forward to writing on the back deck soon.

I’m glad Cheryl that you will get to use your camper. I guess you are looking forward to roaming “where the wild things are.”




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