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Happy birthday, Dory! It sounds like you had a lovely week.

Jeanne, what a great idea! I hope your site traffic continues to grow. Do your stories feature Hawaii? If so, I can see doing a tie-in blog post connecting the two parts of your site. A thought, anyway…

Well, I was doing pretty well right up until my computer completely died yesterday. So I’m off to the Genius bar today. I’m also looking at getting an Apple for the desktop since that’s mostly how I use my laptop.

I mentioned this on the Chain Event post but it bears repeating: Back up your work. Today. This problem came out of nowhere and I have zero access to my work except through my backups.

My goals for this week are to get shot number two, keep my chain going to the end, and finish up my edits so I can send the MS to my alpha reader.

Have a great week!




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