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Emily Marsh

Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating —  Josh re-meets Hazel at his sister’s barbecue and they become friends (again, after knowing each other in college.)

The Bromance Book Club — At first it looks like Thea’s asking for a divorce is the inciting incident, but technically, the book begins the afternoon after that has already happened (Gavin is drunk because he’s miserable, and his friends come over), so that’s really more where they are when the story begins. The inciting incident is Gavin’s joining the book club because that is what brings in the changes.

Boyfriend Material — Luc falls into the gutter after being at a club. He’s wearing a costume, and someone puts a picture of him in the paper. This incident makes him look like he leads a degenerate lifestyle to the sponsors of the dung beetle organization where he works, putting his job in jeopardy unless he finds a “respectable” boyfriend to improve his reputation, which motivates him to fake date Oliver.

To Have and to Hoax — Violet receives a letter informing her that James has been badly injured, prompting her to rush to the country to see if he’s okay, which sets everything else in motion.

The Rosie Project — Don embarks on The Wife Project, a questionnaire-based method to find a person compatible with his lifestyle and therefore suitable for dating/marriage.


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