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Great job, Emily! Even without reading the books, I can tell these are inciting incidents.

Excellent analysis work to pinpoint the incident in The Bromance Book Club. Sometimes an exciting or emotional opening can seem like the turning point, but it’s something in the aftermath where the start of the new journey begins.

In a historical novella I read, the incident actually took place off camera just before page 1 (the heroine’s engagement to a Duke is publicly broken) and the reason we know this is the incident is because her story goal (to restore her family’s honor) emerges from that moment of humiliation, but we didn’t need to see the public humiliation on the page to know its effect on the heroine. Instead we see her in action, trying to do something about the problem the “incident” created for her. It would be easy to mistake her meeting the hero later in the opening chapter as the incident but her goal isn’t about him specifically at all. In fact, he’s the worst choice for restoring her family honor, which is what makes the story so fun! 🙂


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