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The Productivity group just finished up a month-long writing drive. We normally do the Chain Event in January only, but when members expressed interest in holding them at other times during the year, I decided to do a Chain Event in April. Eleven of us actively participated, with others jumping in during Zoom focus sprints.

At the time of this report, these were the group totals for the event (hours worked/words written/chapters edited):

Total Hours 151.37
Total Words 89,147
Total Chapters 37

I continue to make Zoom focus sprints available to members and guests. We do 2-3 during an average week.

Our week-by-week group is also doing well, with members checking in regularly.

Cheryl Rider
Productivity Forum Moderator



The next webinar, Worldbuilding: Writing Vivid Settings, will be held on May 12 & 15 (replay). I’ve posted in the Main Forum and on Facebook and have a graphic on the Members Only page slider.

In the last meeting, I brought up the possibility of periodically offering live webinars to the chapter and non-members. In my opinion, we should keep them free to members but charge non-members a fee, whether RWA members or not. It’s uncertain how well these would do in terms of income for FTHRW, so we might want to view them as a gift to members at first, gauging how many non-members we can bring in before we focus on them as a potential income source for the chapter.

Webinars should be treated as a special event, mainly because they are. This will not be something we do monthly, as we do the workshops. We should post about them on the website, all FTH social media, and encourage members to repost in other writing groups.

In the past, webinar instructor fees have been $250 for a 1-2 hour webinar. If we plan for four a year, we’d need to budget $1000 minimum. ($500 for 2021.)

Cheryl Rider

with Christine Grissom, & Connie Bretes


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