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Hi, Cheryl,

I’ve met my goal of writing at least 3 hours a day this past week and have been averaging about 4 to 4 1/2 hours.  I was averaging 5 hours a day but have backed off from that. I kind of burned out on that. And pushing myself wasn’t making my books that I publish fly off the digital “shelf.” I continue to learn more about marketing.

Yesterday and today I watched two RWA videos, one on Google Analytics and the other one on Website Tips for Published authors. They were very helpful. The webinars are recorded sessions of past webinars. Some cost $5.00 and some are free. I took two that are free. I haven’t been taking advantage of what we get for our RWA membership other than the FTHRW  and Romantic Women’s Fiction (RWA) workshops. RWF also offers it’s members workshops at no additional charge.

I’ve also been working on periodic updates to my website. I then post about them on Twitter and Linkedin with links in an attempt to bring traffic to it. I’m steadily getting visitors every day, but so far it’s not inspiring anyone to buy my books. Guess I just have to keep trying different things to bring my books to the attention of potential readers.

All this gives me something to do and keeps me busy anyway. But it’s a good thing I have an income in my retirement and am not dependent on income from writing!



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