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Emily Marsh

Excellent critique. Great suggestions and comments. Having Angel reflect on her attire differently is a great suggestion. Also her having a more complex response to Jeremy’s saving her bacon should happen. Thanks!

I attended an all-girls private high school and had a headmistress. The alternative school in my story is a corporation. George Montague wants to be known as the CEO. He had no education degrees, he’s managing his wife’s money and fulfilling her dream of this school with a curriculum that is based on Jeremy’s theories of education. Also, in Angel and Jeremy’s past life, George Montague is an evil cousin to the King of France, so in the present life, he’s self-centered and imperious and still evil, as will unfold.

Whew. I am so glad you are helping me!



Jeremy is French, so his English is not perfect. He’s also a bit fanatical about how he does things. He does have to try to kiss her. He remembers her from their past life and defied his aristocratic family to search for her.

Angel was raised strict Catholic. I have a prologue that shows this, but I’m trying to incorporate her childhood details as she interacts with Jeremy. Her Celtic cross charm will be important when she goes back in time later in the story.

Okay, great!  I’ll continue critiquing in this vein. Glad it was helpful!


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