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Well I finally managed to finish this chapter. To refresh your memory, Chapter 12 ended with Milly and Mark bumping into each other in the hotel Fitness Center. They were both trying to work up the courage to admit their feelings for each other when someone else came into the room. Afraid to open herself up, Milly bolted outside and ran up the steps before Mark could react and they didn’t finish the conversation.

As always, looking for anything.


Hi! I’d be glad to comment, but I haven’t been following the book. Do you have a brief summary of the plot available?

I haven’t written a synopsis, but here goes.

Milly Blair is running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. She is a virtual unknown candidate who pulled off an upset when she won the Republican primary over four more established politicians.

Mark Wallace is the head of Opposition Research for her opponent. His job is to follow her around and record all her public appearances in the hopes she screws up and says or does something stupid that can be used against her.

During one campaign appearance, he saves her from humiliation when he notices she is having a wardrobe malfunction and stops her from going up on stage. His campaign manager thinks he is attacking her and has Mark arrested for assault.

She goes down to the jail to bail him out and ask forgiveness. Sparks fly, of course. And they begin a clandestine, flirty relationship. Each tries to deny their feelings while going about the business of the campaign, but neither can stop thinking of the other.

Milly’s campaign manager, Tim, has also developed feelings for Milly.

The campaign is winding down, heading toward a big debate next week.


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