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Hello:  I’ve signed up for Pacific Time World Building.  I’m actually not a big fan of webinars because it’s quicker and easier to read and retain lessons in pdf forms. I think webinars that are about subjects where illustrations are crucial, or at least important to the presentation makes more sense that just having the presenter speak with illustrations consisting of bullet points, or summaries.

Watching period films is a way to see what England and Germany actually looked like during after the war.  Seeing drawings and/or photos of sites and maps of historical periods is a great help in writing descriptions that ring true. For example, a webinar dealing with historical food, clothing culture, dwellings (inside and outside) would be interesting.  Even fairly modern periods are now “history.” I was born in 1942 and now a WWII romance is considered an “historical romance.”  Just looking at pictures, film clips or magazine illustrations from 20th Century would be interesting and helpful.


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