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Hi, Cheryl and Dory,

Wow, Dory, you’re doing so good with your word count each week!

My word count continues to be low as I’m working on editing, but I’m making my hourly goal. I’m averaging about 4 1/2 hours a day. A lot of that is historical research on the Hawaii State Archives site and the Library of Congress site. And I’m looking at the California State Archives site as well as I did some research on the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. I’m considering doing some historical fiction set in San Francisco during the earthquake and the aftermath.

I generally don’t like to set my fiction in real cities or towns because it takes so much research – you have to know the layout of the city, the street names, what the different districts were. It just takes a lot of work to lay the groundwork to make the story seem realistic. I may not go through with this or I may have the main character(s) move outside San Francisco in the aftermath of the quake so they can start over elsewhere instead of trying to rebuilt in the city.

Besides editing and researching, I worked on a blog. Several years back, I wrote an article on a historical person in Honolulu. I had done some research on him at the library. So, I edited that ans shaped it up and posted it as a blog on my website.

In my research travels looking through the digital photograph collection on the Hawaii State Archives site, I found a photo of a building in downtown Honolulu that was taken in 1919. The building is still there today and is only a few blocks from me. One day this week, I intend to go down there and take some pictures of it and then post the “then” photograph with one of my “now” photographs on my website. I have a page on the website called “A Glimpse of Honolulu” where I post things like that. Every time I post something, I put a link in my Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. I do this to keep bringing in traffic to my website. It works, but so far it the steady flow of traffic to my site hasn’t increased my book sales at all.

Once things open up again, I want to do book signings and also give talks at the public library. There are several branches that are easy for me to get to. Maybe that will increase my sales some.

Anyway, that’s how I’m spending my days.



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