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Great work this week, Dory! Oh, and gardening sounds like a nice way to be kind to yourself. Fresh air and loamy soil.

I hope you get your MRI appointment soon. It sounds like your doctor is taking good care of you, though. 🙂

Jeanne, my word count is down during edits, too. That’s just the way it works out. Your website sounds amazing! I love the idea of visiting that historical building and posting a then and now picture. In The Artist’s Way, we’d call that having an “artist date” with ourselves. A way to fill the creative well. 🙂

Marina, I’ve tried to get through The Artist’s Way for ages. Now that I’m attending a weekly Zoom class on it, I’m better able to focus. It’s revealing, isn’t it? I’m delving into some things I haven’t thought about in ages. Hope you enjoy your quiet week of writing. ❤️

I edited, plotted, and wrote 3000+ words this week. My MS is with my alpha reader now and I’ll be working on it when she finishes with it. I’m also taking a Margie Lawson class on rhetorical devices. The homework is pretty intense, but I’m enjoying the challenge.

Next week’s goal is to stay loose. haha If the edits come back, I’ll work on those. Otherwise, I’m aiming for 10K words.





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