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I hope you’re feeling better now, Kathy! That second shot packs a wallop. I tried to see it as my immune system doing its job, but it was a challenge for sure. Please listen to your body and be sure to get plenty of fluids and rest. It helps. 🥤 Hugs.

Mona, sorry about the deletions.  Those can sting. Whenever I’m doing edits I always picture myself using either a scalpel or a chainsaw. I really hate that chainsaw… Hope all is well with you and your heart. You said it was a checkup, right? ❤️

Laura, I’m so glad you liked the webinar. I picked up a few reminders that came in handy. One of them was to not go into too much detail but to carefully choose details that tell the reader all they need to know about the place in a few, well-chosen words. Easier said than done, right? But it was a good reminder not to put all my research into the story just because I researched it and dang it, it took a long time! 😆



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