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Doreen Jensen

Hello, my excellent peeps;

This week I managed 2940 words some future learn and our own FTH class.

I have been spending most of my time in the garden, preparing beds and transplanting ungrateful raspberries that want to fight their location upgrade with a thorny passion.

This will be another summer of home improvement–painting in and out as much as we can. I think the Danish have a word for making your nest most comfortable–hygge. I wish the thrift shops would open so I can get rid of the stuff as we downsize–I expect the poor shots will be overloaded once they do open back up. I think there will be stuff going to auction as soon as I have room to sort.–as soon as my gardens are in, the attic will be tackled. If you don’t hear from me when I go up there next month or so–then you’ll know I  got sucked up into some vortex or another.



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