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How Will I Know by Whitney Houston

This song is about a girl who likes a boy and wonders whether he likes her back and how would she know if he does.

What it makes me feel: I feel this brings up memories of the first crush where you don’t know if the person you like has the same feelings for you and trying to find out without being too vulnerable.

Why it makes me feel: I feel as someone who is writing romance one thinks of all those moments when one first meets someone and all the emotions that go along with it. Falling in love is something most people experience and will be able to remember those feelings.

How it accomplishes the emotion: I think the lyrics and beat conveys the feeling of falling in love—the happiness but also the angst that comes with not knowing for sure whether the feeling is being reciprocated.

I feel this is a happy song because although there is the angst in not knowing there’s also the hope that the boy feels the same way about her.


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