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Nickie Cochran w/a Lexie Nicholas

Hello all,

My name is Nickie and I’m new to this forum (actually also new to this chapter and RWA as of last month). I live in Alabama (close to Montgomery) with my hubby, a sweet dog, and our 2 mischievous cats. Our kids have flown the coop, and we are two happy empty nesters. Although, we love when the kiddos come and visit.

These days, I write sweet contemporary small-town romances under my pen name Lexie Nicholas, and I’m so excited that my second book in the Southern Storms series will go live later this month. But I started writing sweet, lighthearted ghost romances under my real name and am currently editing (structural edit) a Christmas novel I’ve been meaning to publish for a couple of years now and never got around to.

I still work full-time, so I have to carve out time in the evenings and the weekends to get my book stuff done. Haha, I always tell hubby it’s time now to do my words and then after that, I’ll join him to watch a TV show before going to bed. I’m hoping that this forum helps me to stay on track. Accountability to others really works well for my, let’s say, uhm, people-pleaser personality. 🙂

My goal each day for the remainder of the week, including today, is to edit at least 3 scenes each evening, so 9 scenes total taking me to scene 16 by Sunday. We took a trip to the beach two weeks ago, and on my last day got sick as a dog, which lasted another full week, so now I’m behind. If I want to get this novel to the editor and publish it by late September, I’ve gotta get a move on…

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on this forum. Sorry, it’s a tad long, but I wanted to introduce myself instead of just jumping in and saying: “Here I am with my goals!!!”





Author of Sweet Small-Town Romances as Lexie Nicholas
Author of Sweet Lighthearted Ghost Romances as Nickie Cochran


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