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That is such a great idea, Mona! Lumber is outrageous right now and I bet they could get a great price for those pesky trees.

Thanks also, Dory and Mona, for sharing your gardening with me! I’m gardening with you in spirit. 👩🏼‍🌾


Dory, I love black walnuts! To eat, anyway. 😀 But your’re right, they do tend to kill everything around them. Maybe you should tell your neighbor he can make thousands of dollars off the lumber from his black walnut trees. A large black walnut tree can produce up to $20,000 (or more) worth of lumber (if he cuts it and sells it himself). Too many people don’t realize how valuable the trees are and let some lumber company come in and cut them down for very little money.

You should check out the prices on black walnut trim. I just saw a 3″x 6″x 1/2″ board selling for $8, and the price listing was old. Now that regular 1/2″ plywood is selling for $55/sheet, the price for black walnut has probably gone up, too. Here’s a place that sells them for over $3,000 by the slab.

Maybe you’ll get rid of the trees after you show him the prices. 🙂

I’ve planted potatoes, carrots, parsnips, green(and Burgundy) beans, zucchini tomatoes and strawberries. The neighbors on both sides have black walnuts that have roots and overhanging branches on our side–avoid black walnuts at any cost.–nasty things– we have been experimenting with raised beds since the walnuts exude a toxin from roots and branches designed to keep other plants away from the soil nutrients– anything, not a bulb or shallow-rooted such as wildflowers get killed. They have been the bane of our existence. Then we had one aluminum shed where I stored my mom’s stuff– the walnuts punched holes in the roof that we couldn’t see and so much stuff was ruined. They also attract the cute squirrels who have turned our garage into a squirrel condo– squirrels may be cute but squirrel pee is not. I also hesitate to ward off the rabbits as I enjoy their presence, For a few years we had a frequent visitor–a groundhog who used to sun himself on our back porch. I told him if he touched my garden he’d become part of Doreen’s groundhog relocation program–he never did. We put out special food for him on a dish with his name(Grover). The neighbor’s gardens didn’t fare so well. but Grover kept his promise–probably figured the neighbor’s gardens had better pickings so he came for the specialty items. Backyard Builds is a HGTV show where they landscape and build writers’ caves, offices, she- sheds, BBQ areas and dining areas- basically have an outside house. I believe they are based outside of Toronto–wish I could afford them–I love their creativeness.



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