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Elizabeth Spaur

There are so many. I love music and have always responded to it.  I choose theme songs for all my couples. The song for one of my favorite couples is The Best is Yet to Come by Sheppard

The Best Is Yet To Come [Lyrics HD] – Sheppard – Bing video

The characters, Delilah and Boomer are both deeply wounded and finally find hope when the find their love for each other.  I chose this song for them because it makes me feel both sad and hopeful at the same time. Sad because the lyrics are about deep pain. Hopeful, because they lyrics are also about reaching out and finding hope.


Another song that gets me every time (I haven’t assigned it to a couple) is Holding Out for A Hero (two specific versions).

The Bonnie Tyler version brings me joy. Both because I just love Bonnie Tyler and because its an anthem that brings me back to some awesome teenage memories. Plus this video is an awesome story.

Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero (Official HD Video) – Bing video

I first read about the Ella Mae Bowne version in a romance novel. The heroine listened to it dreaming of the hero.  When I listened to it, it really struck  chord in me. It’s so emotional and heartfelt and it’s more melancholy.

Holding Out For a Hero (Ella Mae Bowen) – Bing video

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