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So much fun to hear these songs!

Elizabeth, I like the idea of kind of assigning songs to our story couples!

You remind me how much the performer can individualize a song. I was thinking of “Wild Horse”, which in the Stones version is clearly about a romantic relationship. But Susan Boyle covered it much later, and I thought now it was about a mother’s love for her child. The song was the same, but the meaning had changed.


Michelle, it was lovely to see how you took this song and made  a scene! (The mysterious young man in the club.) You embedded several senses in there, even what you smelled on his skin when you were dancing. I really got an experience reading that and listening to the song. There’s nothing like a song to zoom us right back to the place and time we first heard it….


Cynthia, I like your interpretation of that Whitney song! She’s usually so assertive and sure, but this song signals some hesitation and uncertainty. Lovely.

If I miss a response, please be sure to repost! 🙂





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