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Nickie Cochran w/a Lexie Nicholas

I’m gonna cry!!! I had written a long post and lost it all after I pushed the submit button and realized I was no longer logged in. I’m exhausted now, so here are the cliff notes…

So I had 4 songs I had picked out:

1) Styx – Show me the Way AFN Remix


Scared my then boyfriend, now husband, had to deploy to Saudi during Desert Storm.

It worked, because they put the clips of calls and dedications of family members into the song that went straight for the heartstrings, especially since those who listened to AFN Radio in Germany (where I’m from) where affected.

2 & 3) 3 Doors Down – When you’re gone

3 Doors Down – Here without you

Sad, scared, lonely.

Husband was deployed to Iraq and was gone 18 months. There were times I didn’t hear from him in weeks. This was in the early days of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It worked, because thousands of soldiers were deployed and families were separated by that war. It was tough, and many of us left behind could relate. Also 3 Doors Down has toured with the USO.

4) Toby Keith – Courtesy of the Red White & Blue

Happy, excited, proud!

They played this song when hubby returned from war and this was the song they played when our heroes marched into the event center on post. We all hooted and hollered and everyone was shaking their fists! This German-born girl is now an American citizen and has worked for the Department of Defense as a civilian for over 12 years now (first Army, now Air Force).

It worked, because Toby Keith is a patriot and was not afraid to support America and those who defend her. He’s also been touring with the USO and does a lot for the military. He sang what people felt and it so resonated.

Alright, I saved you from the long version… I do see the point of the exercise, though, and something clicked in my head – like a lightbulb went on…lol

Good night all,




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