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Evelyn Timidaiski

Hi Alicia,

As you said, I’m eclectic and very diverse in my musical likes and dislikes. My daughter and I have been known to take long road trips listing to The Phantom of The Opera belting out the lyrics at the top of our voices. Music like that with all the emotional ups and downs, inspires me to write and has a direct affect on how my scenes are written.

I’ve cried through the song by Sarah McLochlan—In the arms of an Angel. I used it to write a scene where I had to kill off a favorite character. Whereas, for basic writing I use good old country with songs like I’ve got friends in low places by Alan Jackson. The words are just perky enough to get me through some of those difficult passages.

I try to put my readers in the forefront when I write emotional scenes. I can’t be sure if what I feel will be what they feel, but I give it my best shot. I love a book which makes you sigh when you finish it. I’ll use every emotional arc to try and get that reaction


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