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Nickie Cochran w/a Lexie Nicholas

I made my goal of editing my 9 scenes since I joined here Friday!!! Wohoo! I almost didn’t make it, because I realized that I had marked two of those scenes that were really long to be split and they needed some extra re-working. Yikes! But thanks to this forum (and because I had made a commitment), I just finished my goal about a minute ago!!! Yay!

So for next week, I checked the word count of my upcoming scenes and found that I can comfortably knock out 3 scenes a day (no humongous ones that need splitting & major rewriting) and added in a rest day for Sunday as a buffer. So, 18 scenes by the end of the next week it is!!!

Love the rainy coffee shop music, by the way… it’s so relaxing.

Have a great week everyone!


Author of Sweet Small-Town Romances as Lexie Nicholas
Author of Sweet Lighthearted Ghost Romances as Nickie Cochran


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