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Hi, Cheryl, Mary and Nickie!

I’ll join you in the cafe, Cheryl. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone anywhere except to the grocery store, Walmart and the drug store.

You’re doing really well, Mary and Nickie!

This past week, I spent a great deal of time in GIMP (the free photo editing program) – again! But I did manage to finish the second-round edit of my short stories number 1 and 2.

My goal for this week is put more time into my editing and less time into playing around with the photo editing. My original goal was to publish my collection of short stories some time this summer, but at the rate I’ve been going with the editing says that’s not going to happen. So, I want to spend mor time editing.

However, the time I spend on the photo editing program has not been wasted because I do learn more each time, and the more I learn, the better. I’ve gotten much better creating eBook and paperback book covers – although they’re still not as professional looking as I want them to be. I’ve also created greeting cards, book marks and inspirational cards. I’ve also learned how to brush out imperfections and take out things I don’t want in photos, such as street lights and people. But I’ve only done the object and people removal when the background behind them is one color. It gets a little too involved for me if the background is multiple colors.

I Pixabay, which is a free stock photo site. All the photos in this site are in the public domain and are royalty free. I created a birthday card using one of the photos I found here. My friend is a Scrabble fan and I found a photo on Pixabay that spells out “Happy ‘Birthday” in Scrabble tiles. She’s going to get a kick out of this card.

Wishing you all a successful week!




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